With decades of experience cutting their teeth on World View Weekend broadcast network RJ Johnston and Brannon Howse formed Johnston Howse LLC. They formed a team of talented and seasoned people that will build and deliver Best in Class Broadcast Networks.

Frank Speech

Currently Frank the social media network is under development by the Johnston-Howse team. Although, WVW and its network are formidable in structure. FrankSpeech.com is being set up at a whole new level. The message of Frank Speech on freedom of speech was too important to Mike Lindell to wait. So Johnston Howse and their team launched a broadcast media area to allow influencers and Mike to publish content.

The full social network is being feverishly worked on. The talk of millions of dollars spent and nothing to show is unfortunately a biased and poorly informed view. It is their right however and the reason it is so important to our client to get it live. Fortunately, the fact is there is an amazing amount of network infrastructure, site programming and, social media features in place. These are being tested and revised continuously.

Currently all Johnston Howse team efforts focused on Frankspeech.com, check our website JohnstonHowse.com for future developments.

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