Roku Channel Developmnt

When it comes to getting your content in front of potential customers, a custom Roku Channel is a great choice. A custom built Roku Channel from Johnston Howse will help provide new customers seeing your content. Streaming is growing year after year and by entering the streaming arena it will only help grow you audience.

Streaming Content

Everyone has heard about Netflix, but that is just one of many streaming options. Services like Roku, provides a platform for all types of streaming channels. From Conservatice Roku Channels to Anime, just about anything you want is available for streaming. Roku is one of the largest streamers currently with 38% of the market for streaming devices, followed by Fire TV.

OTT (Over The Top) broadcasting services with a propler Roku Channel development, will benefit you greatly. Traditional TV and Cable is still out there, but they are not growing nearly as fast as streaming. With a streaming channel, people will be able to access your contet 24/7 on a multitude of devices.

Conservative Roku Channels

If you believe in a more conservative view point, there are some options on Roku just for you. The Frank Speech Roku Channel provides a conservative point of view from Mike Lindell and all his influencers. In addition, there is the Conservative which shares content with a conservative feel.

These are just a few of the conservative channels you can find on Roku. Finally, for streaming content or broadcast media, contact Johnston Howse today!